Who We Are


Living a ESPERIENZA means discovering and learning to recognise the excellences of the territory through a fascinating multisensory activity.

Quality, authenticity and a high level of in-depth study are the main ingredients of our experiences. The preparation is easy: DISCOVER, TASTE, CREATE.
You’ll bring home a local product created with your own hands!

Esperienza can meet every specific need, such as becoming your private event in the location you prefer, being translated in different languages or being combined with other events, without losing its uniqueness.


Did you know that vermouth was born in Turin in 1786? And that a Piedmontese created the first eau de Cologne? We will disclose to you secrets and anecdotes about local excellences famous all over the world. Each ESPERIENZA includes a discovery part, which will allow you to learn more about the history of vermouth, perfume, giandujotto, gin…


Smell the spices, taste the herbs, sip infusions and touch unusual ingredients: awaken and test your five senses! Every EXPERIENCE includes a tasting part where you will be able to taste, smell and touch the ingredients of your vermouth, your perfume, your giandujotto, your gin…


We think that the best way to love a territory is to create the products that territory is worldwide famous for. Each ESPERIENZA includes a creative part that allows you to make your vermouth, your perfume, your giandujotto, your gin…
When you get home, you will show your friends and let them taste something unique, created with your own hands!